Products not only with grapeseed oil. Take care of your hair.

Grapeseed oil is used both in beauty care and cooking. It includes vitamin E and antioxidants that take care of the condition of your hair and scalp. Thanks to these ingredients, your strands will be more resistant to damage, falling out and harmful substances. Grapeseed oil fights free radicals, prevents greying and hair loss, and nourishes the scalp. Moreover, the cosmetic moisturises, smooths the hair surface and increases shine. Even applied in large quantities, it neither increases sebum secretion nor makes the scalp greasy.

Although grapeseed oil is a highly popular product, there are some equally effective cosmetics that will take care of your hair and scalp in a different way. These are the following oils: Dabur Vatika Argan Oil, L’Biotica Biovax with Avocado and Bamboo, Nanoil Hair Oil and Bioelixire Jojoba Oil.

oil-for-all-hair-types-nanoilNanoil Hair Oil works for all hair types. It has a positive influence on the condition of your hair and scalp. It rebuilds damaged hair ends, provides many nutrients and makes styling easier. The oil delivers lustre, moisture and smoothness. Nanoil Hair Oil controls the work of sebaceous glands, reduces sebum secretion and prevents oily scalp. Interestingly, it helps to eliminate dandruff and soothes irritations. Nanoil Hair Oil can be used for hair oiling. You can also use it in your daily hair care routine. Apply it to the hair or only to the ends. Let the hair dry or thoroughly wash the oil off and blow-dry.



Dabur Vatika ArganDabur Vatika Argan Oil is created for dehydrated, damaged and falling out hair. It consists of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that make your hair healthy and beautiful again. Dabur Vatika Hair Oil moisturises the hair, delivers shine, rebuilds damage and smooths static strands. What is more, the product facilitates combing and styling a hairdo. Dabur Vatika is applied 60 minutes before washing. Use the product once or twice a week for best effects.



L'biotica biovax with avocadoL’biotica Biovax with avocado and bamboo is recommended for the protection of hair and hair ends. The cosmetic prevents damage caused by regular colouring or heat styling. It regenerates split hair tips, smooths frizzy and static strands and boosts shine. L’Biotica Biovax protects from high temperature, delivers lots of nutrients and makes hair healthy and amazing-looking. How to use the oil? Apply it to the ends and from mid-lengths. You don’t have to rinse the product out. You can wait until it is fully absorbed.



Jojoba bioeliexire oilBioelixire Jojoba Oil is intended for dry, rough hair lacking volume. It has a lightweight consistency thus quickly penetrates the hair. The product softens the hair, brings resilience as well as makes the strands easier to comb out and style. Bioelixire with jojoba oil heals dandruff, stops hair loss, prevents greasy hair and nourishes hair bulbs. How should you use the product? Massage a few drops into the wet or damp hair. Leave-in; let the hair air-dry.