Grape seed oil for hair and skin care

Grape seed oil is one of those cosmetics, which we like for their positive and natural properties, but most of all its availability. There is nothing wrong with the fact that we want to save some money on cosmetics if we take into consideration that exist really great natural oils, often better than cosmetics from shops. How does grape seed oil deals with hair and skin care?

grape-seed-oil.jpgGRAPE SEED OIL IN HAIR CARE

Because of its properties, oils are very willingly used in hair care. One of oils, which is the most often brought from kitchen to bathroom is grape seed oil. It can be used directly on hair and scalp to perform oil treatment, or many other ways – as a base for home made cosmetics, as an addition to shampoos, etc. Its positive properties on hair can be described in few key points:

– stimulates hair growth,
– prevents hair brittleness,
– makes hair elastic and soft,
– normalises sebaceous glands to prevent oily hair.


Mentioned above properties of grape seed oil are mostly based on light formula – oil absorbs well and distributes on skin, doesn’t leave greasy layer or clogs pores. Because of it, grape seed oil will be great also in skin care of entire body, not only scalp. It can be applied directly on the skin, added to creams and lotions, or used as a massage oil. Its regular application has positive influence on skin. Grape seed oil:

– regenerates damaged tissues,
– has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents swelling,
– prevents blackheads,
– lowers cornification,
– provides proper hydration level,
– soothes allergies and skin irritations due to sunbathe,
– tones up, softens and protects skin.