DIY Cosmetics. How can you use grape seed oil?

Oil treatment of hair and body seem to settle among beauty trends. No wonder, because oils are 100% natural, safe, diverse and available for everyone method. All you need is some vegetable oil. Grape seed oil is one of the most willingly used vegetable oils used in cosmetology. We have some advices for you as to how can you use it as a base for home made cosmetics.

grape-seed-oil.jpgMASSAGE OIL

Properties of grape seed oil allow its use for massage. There are couple of possibilities as to how can you use it – you can perform massage exclusively with grape seed oil or use it as a one of base ingredients for oil (by adding, e.g. jojoba oil, cocoa butter or other oils). You can also add few drops of essential oil in your favourite fragrance to provide additional aromatherapeutic properties.


Grape seed oil is perfect as a base for delicate face scrub. Pure grape seed oil mix with crumbled oatmeal or almond flakes till they create slightly thick, gel like mass. You can add few drops of lemon juice to highlight skin. Such mix apply on face, perform short massage and leave for few minutes (optional), then rinse it.


You can use grape seed oil on similar base for exfoliation of epidermis of an entire body. In this case, for the scrub you may want to use coffee (best if it was ground coffee), cane sugar and sea salt, which mixed with grape seed oil apply on the body and perform scrub.


Grape seed oil is perfect as a base for hair masks. Exemplary hair mask should consist of mostly: 2 table spoons of grape seed oil, 2 tea spoons of paraffin, 2 tea spoons of castor oil (accelerates hair growth), lemon juice from half of lemon and whole egg. Mix all ingredients together then rub in scalp and hair, and after about half an hour rinse it with warm water.


Extracted from grape seeds oil is a very good nourishing serum. It can be used as a base for nail conditioner for weak and split nails. Slightly heat up grape seed oil and then mix it with lemon juice and (optionally) additional oils, e.g. macadamia or argan. Still warm serum rub in nail plate and cuticles.